Monday, January 4, 2010

What better way

is there to ring in the New Year than to spend one's Xmas $$$ on a new snowboard? Boom.

Never Summer SL-R, 158cm

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Hearfelt Confession

As of today I have been married for four years now, and in the recent style of so many prominent members of the GOP I have a confession to make.

I am having an affair.

This affair has occurred off and on for over a year now. As a direct result I am rarely home before 7:45pm during the work week, and leave for long hours at a time on the weekends. It has caused me to shirk many of my wifely duties. I rarely clean, I never decorate, and our flower gardens have become weed gardens.

At times this affair has left me exhausted and stressed. Other times I am overwhelmed by feelings of excitement and jubilation. I have threatened to quit it so many times and yet I keep coming back for more.

In light of full disclosure, I have decided to post a picture of my accomplice. Please avoid this temptress at all costs lest you fall victim to the Siren's call.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Steve and I were almost blown over by incredibly strong winds while on our evening ride last night. I suppose that is what we get for trying to sneak a ride in while a storm is approaching. I love that moment right before a storm hits when you can see the dark clouds slowly creeping into the valley. The sky seems to ooze as the clouds move over the mountains. It's especially beautiful in the spring when the peaks are still covered in snow and the marsh lands are green and full of water.

Ominous weather always seems to leave the whole world on edge. I have watched the horses in the field behind my house buck and neigh at the first sound of thunder, and I always wonder what they know that I don't. Yesterday Steve and I were the anxious ones as we attempted to fight the force of the winds and stay upright on our bikes while cars and trucks passed us at highway speeds.

It was at this time that I learned Canadian Geese can in fact look menacing. During nesting season the male stands guard ready to protect the nest at a moments notice. We were lucky enough to pass one couple right when a male was aggressively fending off an approaching intruder. The fight lasted only a matter of seconds as he squawked, pushed out his neck, and raised his tail feathers. It was intimidating, and I pity any bird who tries to mess with HIS nest.

The good thing about getting caught in a dangerously gusty wind storm while on a major road is that you may discover a much more scenic way to get home. After battling our bikes for a a few minutes, having to literally lean to one side just to keep from tipping over, Steve and I decided to take our chances with a rural road and hope it would take us where we needed to be. As we cruised through scenes of large old farm homes and windy streams we were ecstatic to find a better alternative to our evening ride route. We even managed to make it home while the storm was still just a light refreshing sprinkle.

This morning as the rain came down I watched two male Mallard ducks fight in the field behind my house. It was an incredible sight as they nipped and pecked in an elaborate dance and the nesting female looked on to see who would be the victor. Our local Pheasant (We have a male and female Pheasant who nest in the field every spring.) also watched the show from a distance. It seems I am not the only voyeur in my neighborhood.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spinning My Wheels

It's officially time for me to begin training for my rides in June, so Steve and I decided to venture out for our first road ride of the year on Sunday. I love riding my road bike and am always awed by how smooth and fast it feels. Knowing I was getting a late start, and wanting to get in lots of miles before we leave for our cruise, I decided we should aim for a 30 mile ride. I started the ride feeling fantastic and glad I had occasionally attended spin class during the winter months. Our 30 mile ride turned into a 35.5 mile ride with only a small amount of swearing on my part once I realized how long I was going to be stuck on my bike. After taking a short break and eating a caffeinated Cliff Shot, I felt much better and finished the ride feeling confident I will be able to tackle Little Red Riding Hood and MS 150.

Cache Vally is an amazing place to live if you are a cyclist, and I am reminded of that every time I go out for a ride. As Steve and I cruised through the rural roads of Petersborough, Newton, and Benson, we were treated to amazing views of snow covered mountains and beautiful marshes. Spring is an excellent time to bird watch in Cache Valley, and we got an up close look at large White Pelicans feasting on fish, Sandhill Cranes, (Or were they Great Blue Herons? I wish I knew my birds better.) and countless other bird species I am not familiar with. The Canadian Geese are currently breeding and every where we turned we saw them coupled. We even biked right past a pair that were nesting practically in someone's yard. The female was sitting on the nest and the male was standing guard and puffed up his feathers as we approached giving us a menacing glare (Can geese look menacing?) as we rode by. The local residents were certainly more friendly than the male geese and one passing driver even waved at us. This may be a small town, but I am certain we did not know that driver.

Last night as we cruised out on our evening ride, and I cursed the saddle sores I still had from the weekend, we approached a family riding in a carriage being pulled by two draft horses. Behind them was a Shetland Pony pulling a smaller carriage full of the youngest children. I could not get over the sight of them with the snow capped Wellsville mountains in the background as they galloped down the highway. Sometimes, particularly when I see horses on the road, I have to shake my head and ask myself, "Where am I?"

Thursday, March 26, 2009

MS 150

I just registered for the MS150 bike event and am so excited. This will be my first year riding and I can't wait. My sister and I are going to ride together, and oh the fun we will have. Luckily for me, this event takes place in Cache Valley and the starting line is only a few blocks from my house. We won't have to drive at all.

MS150 is the largest organized cycling event in the state. Every year they raise funds for MS research. If you would like to make a donation please visit my personal page here:

Christine's MS150 Page

Oh, and did I mention your donation is tax-deductible?